Nov 11, 2009

Announcement !

Dear valued customers,

We will be close from 26th - 29th November for Hari Raya Aidiladha. We will not accept any order during this period. Our business will resume as usual on 30th November (Monday ).

Thanks  you.

Cuppies Delight
[Manage by Jazila Catering & Food Services-SA0132003]

Oct 18, 2009

Cupcake Catering


School holiday is just around the corner. Those who wish to cater cupcakes for a special occasion especially wedding, engagement,etc, can do so by placing your order now.

Orders are open for a min quantity of 250 pcs up to 500 pcs. Orders for more than 500 pcs are only available from 15 December 2009 onwards.

Call now @ 03-33932699 or SMS-012-3168115 for quick response.

Best regards,

Cuppies Delight
[Manage by Jazila Catering & Food Services-SA0132003-M]

Technical Problem

We are having difficulties processing online orders due to technical problem on internet connection. So we made a decision, from now (18th October 2009) & onwards, we will only receive order either by phone call or SMS only until this problem totally solves. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. Hope we could solve the problem soonest possible.


Jazila @ Cuppies Delight

Sep 16, 2009

Last batch raya cuppies

here is the snapshot of the last cuppies for this hari raya...all boxes sent out today...

Notice of closure for Hari Raya Aidilfitri 09

Dear our valued customer,

We would like to announce that our bakery will be close on upcoming hari raya Aidilfitri from 18th September until 28th September 2009. Last order will be deliver on 17th September 2009.

Our business will resume as usual on 29th September 2009 (Tuesday). Those who wish to make an order either for Open House or any occasion (except wedding catering), please SMS to 012-3168115 for quick response. Last minute order (less than 48 hours) will not be entertain for the whole month of Syawal .All confirmed orders will be entertain as usual.

We would like to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI to all muslim customers and have a safe journey.



Aug 24, 2009

How to eat cupcake in a solo @souffle cup ?

[I took this pic from someone's facebook (credit to the owner of the pic)]
The pic shown the correct way of having cupcake baked in a solo @ souffle cup. It's so simple. No need to use spoon, fork or anything else.

Aug 11, 2009


MINI CUPPIES (2.0 oz / S size Solo Cup)

RM 45.00 / 25 pcs 
RM 40.00 / 25 pcs (for My Cupcake Station fan only)
RM 85.00/50 pcs
 RM 75.00 / 50 pcs (for My Cupcake Station fan only)

CUTIE CUPPIES (2.5 oz / M size Solo Cup) :

RM 36.00 / 16 PCS
RM 32.00 / 16 pcs (for My Cupcake Station fan only)
RM55.00 / 25 PCS
RM 50.00 / 25 pcs (for My Cupcake Station fan only)
RM 68.00 / 32 PCS
RM 60.00 / 32 pcs (for My Cupcake Station fan only)
CHICLY CUPPIES (3.25 oz/ L size Solo Cup):
RM55.00 / 16 PCS
RM 50.00 / 16 pcs (for My Cupcake Station fan only)
 RM100.00 / 32 PCS
RM 90.00 / 32 pcs (for My Cupcake Station fan only)

Cupcake Flavour :

1-Simply Vaneela
2- Chocolatta

* Prices are subjected to change without prior notice

Terms &  Conditions :

1- Price stated above excluding delivery and for pick-up only [at selected pick-up points].
2- Limited to butter cream topping and STANDARD DESIGN only. Other toppings such as fondant, gum paste & royal icing, extra charges will be added to basic price.
3- Any special decoration for topping or difficult design, extra fees will be charge accordingly.
    Cartoon Character - RM0.50/cuppies
    3D character (handmade)  - RM1.50 / cuppies
    Edible Image - RM 20.00 / A4 SIZE - (15 PCS,18 PCS, 24 PCS)
    Football Team Set - RM 5.00/set

May 29, 2009

Dear our valued customer ,

This weekend will be a school mid term holiday (from 29th May -13th June 09). We will close our bakery on 29th May t0 2nd June 2009 & no order will be taken during this period.

Sorry for inconvenience caused. Happy Holiday to All !


Mar 26, 2009

What's Our Flavour ?

At this moment, we only serves 3 type of flavours with low sugar(less sweet) :

1. Choccolatta-most demanded flavour - fresh baked double chocolate cupcakes.

2. Simply Vaneela - an all-time favorite-the original vanilla flavour mixed with fresh milk.

3. Mocha Coffee - a combination of cocoa & coffee flavour

Feb 7, 2009

Yummy ! Yummy ! Chocolateeeeeee !!!

Girlish style !!!!

Anniversary Cuppies

Blue & Pink B'day Cuppies

Cuppies ni untuk daughter Pn.Misleya, Nurul Atiqah.

Pink & Purple Cuppies

Cuppies ni ordered by Norzalina from Sri Mansang Sdn Bhd.
Chocolate cuppies

Wajah Baru 2009

Dengan kedatangan tahun baru 2009, Cuppies Delight turut mengadakan perubahan. Pertamanya perpindahan blog dari http://cuppiesdelight.fotopages ke blog ini. Ini kerana pihak kami sering mengalami masalah teknikal untuk update design terbaru ke fotopages. Diharap dengan perpindahan ini masalah ini dapat dikurangkan.

Selain itu, pakej terbaru dan lebih nilai turut diperkenalkan untuk anda. Untuk keterangan lanjut, selalulah kunjungi CUPPIES DELIGHT !